Friday, June 19, 2015

Dollar General Market haul for week of June 14-23

Before coupon and sale...$23.75....after coupons and sale $10.75

Here is how I did it....
 Downy® Liquid Fabric Softener 39 Load/ 64 oz on sale for $2.95
I bought 4 and used 2- $3.00 off 2 coupon from Proctor & Gamble insert in the 5/31 paper.
The cokes were on sale for $1.00 I had 1-$1.00 off 3 coupon from coupons.com (not sure if it is still available so check.) If there is ever a coupon on coupons.com you think you will use, print it as it will only be available until the allowed number of prints have printed. Some companys don't let many print.

And I got the 20lb. of russetts they have on sale for $1.95.

Walgreens find for week of June 14-20 Before coupons $31.42...after coupons $12.37

Before coupons and sale...$31.42.
Total after sale price and $12.15 in coupons....12.37

If you have the coupons you can do this too.

If you printed the $1.05 off of Energizer batteries at coupons.com (Sorry but if you didn't print it, it is no longer available)

Here is how to do it.
Buy 3 Energizer  Eco Advanced batteries. (The sale is only on AA & AAA). They are normally $8.49 and are on sale for $6.36. 
Use 3 of the $1.05 coupons you printed and use 3 of the Walgreen coupons on these batteries in the June Walgreens coupon book. Making the batteries $2.31 each. They will let you use a manufacture coupon and their coupon at the same time.

I bought 2 Ocean Spray which was usually $2.99 but was on sale for $2.50

As I said before sale price and coupons this would have been $31.42. After all the coupons and sale prices I paid $12.37.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wal Mart price matching to Food Lion week of June 17-23

Duncan Heinz cake mix........... $1.19

Tastykake Bagged Mini Donuts....$1.50

Hamburger or Chicken Helper...$1.00 

We live on this stuff, If you like mexican food get either the

Cheesy Enchiladas or Cheesy taco and put it in a burrito shell, so 

good this way.

Power Aid....32. oz $.70

Cheetos/Fritos...........7-10.5oz.  $1.75

Store brand soda...2 ltr. $.79

Store brand ice cream....48oz. $2.39

Sarah Lee butter bread...$1.35 20 oz.  loaf

Keebler Chips deluxe cookies....$1.90

Kleenex 120-160ct. square....$1.19

Wal Mart price matching to Family Dollar week of June 14-20

Charmin basic...12 big squeeze rolls  $5.00

Sparkle...6 rolls $5.00

Suavitel Liquid, Pearls or Sheets...44-50 oz., 6 oz. Or 70 ct.   $2.95

Sun Liquid....188oz. $5.00

Right Guard Total Defense Gel Deodorant...3oz.  $2.50

Oreos....10.7-15.35 oz.  $2.50

Walmart....Price matching for CVS for week of June 14-20

Purex ....24-33 loads $1.99

Nestle Pure Life Water.....16.9oz 24ct. $2.99

Pepsi or Dr. Pepper....12oz. 24ct. 3/$8 If you drink Diet Dr. Pepper here is a $1.00 coupon to print. (Must share to get the coupon)

Blue Diamond almonds....6oz. $2.50

Lays family size....7.75-10.5oz  $2.99

7UP, A & W, Canada Dry, Sunkist....2ltr. $.99

Heinz catsup....32oz. $2.50

Ajax dish liquid....12.6oz. $.88

Kibbles & Bits dog food....3.5-4.5lb.  $4.99

Pedigree  food....3.5-4.5lb.  $4.99  $1.00 coupon to print here.

Bunch O Balloon self sealing balloon kit ....100 balloons $9.99

Revlon Color Silk hair color....$3.00  $1.00 coupon to print for Colorsilk Buttercream here.

Gallon milk....$3.69

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