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Saturday April 4 2pm
Admission $2 per person—Entry Fee $3 per class
Membership is due the 2nd time you show @ LCSC
1) Stick Horse Race (5 yrs. & under w/ $1 admission)
2) Lead line (6 yrs. & under)*
3) Halter (under 18 months)
4) Open Halter
5) Goat Ribbon (1-5 yrs. & 6-10 yrs. $1 admission)
Goat Tying (11 yrs. & UP $3 admission)
6) Pee-Wee Western Pleasure (12 yrs. & under) (walk & trot)
7) Youth Poles
8) Open Poles
9) Adult Poles (18 & over)
10) Pee-Wee Poles (12 yrs & under, 56” Pony or Horse)
11) Youth Western Pleasure (17 & Under) (Walk, Trot & Canter)
12) Open Western Pleasure
13) Style Racking (Western or English Tack)
14) Milk Can Race
15) Potato Race
16) Sack Race
17) Fun Class 4/4 Egg & Spoon 5/2 Sit-a-buck 6/6 Speed race 7/10 Rescue race 8/1 Boot race 9/5 Panty hose race 10/? Catalog race
18) Plantation Pleasure
19) Pee-Wee Country Pleasure (12 & under) (All Breeds) (Walk & Favorite gait)
20) Youth Country Pleasure (17 & under) (All Breeds) (Walk & Favorite gait)
21) Country Pleasure (All Breeds) (Walk & Favorite gait)
22) Key Hole
23) Pee-Wee Barrels (12 years & under, 56” Pony or Horse)
24) Youth Barrels
25) Open Barrels
26) Adult Barrels (18 years & over)
27) Flag Race
**All Classes receive 1st place trophy & 2nd-4th place ribbons**
Barry Cornelius H# (270)542-7050 C#(270)772-0350 Chris White H#(270)542-8063 C#(270)221-0096
If the show is rained out, it will be the following Friday @ 7 PM Clean up day is Thursday evening prior to the show @ 6 PM and meeting afterward.

Easter Egg Hunt, Hampton park Saturday March 8

Price Match Meijers valid 3/29-4/4

Pineapples........... $.98

Birds Eye frozen Vegetables 10-16oz.................... $.88

Bob Evans sausage, rolls links or patties 9.6-16oz.........$2.49

Breyers ice Cream ..................$2.50

Kraft cheese...chunks, cubes, crumbles or cracker cuts..........$1.99

Pork shoulder butt.....$1.49 lb.

Boneless pork loin......$1.69lb.

Oscar Mayer lunchables or Bologna or Salami 12 oz........ $1.00

Red, black or green seedless grapes ........$1.99 lb.

Lays chips .......$1.99 family size not party size

Price match for Walgreenst at Russellville Ky Wal Mart valid Mar. 29 - Apr. 04

 Most of these deals you will need to have a Walgreens points card. You can sign up at the register.

Hershey’s or Cadbury Easter Chocolate.......2/$5 with card

Maybelline Cosmetics....... buy 1 get 1 50% off with card

12-Pack Coca-Cola Products or 7 Up, A&W, Sunkist or Canada Dry......3/$9 or $4.99 ea. with card

Nature Made Vitamins and Supplements.....buy 1 get 1 free* with card

Jiff Peanut butter 16oz......... $2.00 with in ad coupon

Daisy sour cream or Nice cream cheese 8oz....... $.99 with in ad coupon

Maxwell House Coffee  10.5-1.5 oz........ $2.99

Mars, Skittles, or Starburst singles .....$.69 great for Easter baskets

BOGO Wrigley's or Trident gum 15-18 ct.

Bubble wand $.49 with in ad coupon...limit 4

Hot Wheels $.69 with in ad coupon...limit 4

BOGO Walgreen brand Alkaline batteries, stock up for Easter toys.

Select toys, trading cards and Crayola products...... buy 1 get one 50% off.

Easter baskets...... $2.99-$9.99

Brachs jelly beans or eggs .....$1.50

Easter plush....... $1.99-$9.99

Easter eggs  6-12ct......$.99   42ct....$2.99

Nestles nest eggs ....$2.50

Nice jellybeans..... 3/$2.00

Easter gift sacks....5/$1.00  with in ad coupon ......limit 10

Dawn dish liquid 9oz........ $.99 with in ad coupon

Puffs 48-68ct .......$.99  with in ad coupon

Nice toilet tissue 12ct. or Nice paper towel 6 roll....$4.99

Big roll bath tissue or single smile paper towels...... $.50 with in ad coupon

Patriot candles....... buy one get one 50% off.

Select Rimmell cosmetics.....buy one get one 50% off.

Select Revelon cosmetics....buy one get one 50% off.

Select Almay cosmetics....buy one get one 50% off.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Logan County Good Samaritan fish fry in Logan County

Free Kindle Christian e-books , but hurry

A woman's dying words,"Take these letters to your brothers", the black sheep of the family, a gang of outlaws!  Does Luke really want to be with them? Can he not, as that is the only thing his mother ask him to do? 
Will Luke meet his true love? Will the bounty hunters get to the brothers before Luke can get them his mother's letter? You will have to read to find out!

Damian had decided he is ready to finally settle down. He has his eyes on Rachael Perkins but she doesn't even give him the time of day. Can he win her heart? Will she even let him try?  Rachael has secrets, to find out what they are you will have to read the book.

The Choice (Lancaster County Secrets Book #1)

Carrie, a member of an Amish community is ready to give it all up for  Solomon Riehl, Will she really go through with it! Will she walk away from her family never to return? This book will give you a peak into the Amish community.

Callie  (The Women of Valley View Book 1) 

A baby dead, another child in desperate trouble. Will Callie let the past go and help the small girl?  Orphans, drug addicts, this book has a lot of suprises. Read and see how God works in Callie's life and those she comes into contact with.

His Baby Bond : Sacred Bond Series Book 1

A custody battle between a rich man and a poor girl. Both love the child as both are the nearest realitives but oh what a battle. A sick baby, a jealous ex-botfriend, bad weather and much more. Can love win out in the end?

Home Is Where the Heart Is: (Home to Collingsworth Book 1)

After 10 years ,Violet Collingsworth, has to return home due to her grandmother's death. Dreading the family conflict Violet goes back, but what a lovely suprise when she meets the town sherrif. Is there love in the air?

A good looking fireman meets girl, need I say more? But this fireman has a death wish, Can Lisa turn him around?

Romance: New Beginnings - (Second Chances Trilogy Book 3)

A tragedy causes Sara to flee from California. A new husband wants her dead. She has dreams of becoming a chef. Will her husband catch up to her? Will she ever see her dream realized? Read to get all the details.

The Wedding List: A London Christian romance (Love In Store Book 1)

Love and dreams, Beth from a not so good background, wants what every woman wants, a home and family. When her ex-boyfriend shows up will she finally get her dream?

Sisters in an Amish community. Which will get the boy? Will it be Cate who is known for her temper and quick tongue or her sister sister Betsy? Who knows. You will have to read it to find out.

Don't have a Kindle? No problem. Amazon has a free app you can download or a program for your desktop.

Click here for more info.

Hurry these will only be free for a short time.

BOGO coupon for Wonka Candies - Walmart.com

At the bottom of the picture, pick whether you want the  BOGO coupon for the Sweethearts soft and chewy ropes or for the Wonka Randoms.

Learn to safely use a gun at the intro to hand guns course this April.

Learn to safely use a gun at the intro to hand guns course this April. 
The class will cover: firearm safety, how to make a handgun cleared and safe, handgun models, double/single action types, ammunition calibers, and the fundamentals of pistol shooting: aiming, sight picture, grip, and trigger pull. 
Participants will learn to work the actions, use dummy rounds to load and unload real guns, and practice stance and grip. 
There is NO LIVE AMMUNITION in the classroom ever. Participants may NOT bring their own firearm into the workshop; however, afterwards, a live shooting lesson is available for $15 per person at the local outdoor range in Russellville off of Hopkinsville Rd. Participants may use their own firearm there or borrow one of theirs.

2015 Extreme 3D Fest...Russellville, Logan County Airport

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