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Having A Shelter Dog Is Good For The Soul! #MeetMyShelterPet

I was contacted by One2One Network about joining in their new #MeetMyShelter campaign and National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Everyone who knows me, knows that my pets are a part of my family. Skipper, pictured above, was one of many rescue dogs, cats and horses that have came into our lives and left paw/hoof prints on our hearts. He was such a love, nobody wanted him because his front legs has slipped knee caps and he was bow legged in the front. They missed out on such a charmer. I am so blessed he came into our lives. Sadly, he died a couple of years ago of heart failure. I miss him every day.

There are so many pets that people give up at the shelters. Most have no problems at all. The owner simply didn't want them.
I worked with the Logan County Humane Society for many years as a transport coordinator. We worked so hard getting these babies out as at that time,the shelter was a kill shelter.
Please first of all, make sure you have the time and energy for a pet. If you do, please, please consider adoption. Give these babies a chance. I can tell you by my own experiences you won't be sorry. To me it seems they have to come , each day,  in their own special way, and thank you for bringing them home.
I have noticed this not only in the dogs and cats but also in the horses. They are so grateful to you.

Meet Mark & Mary Ann Behme, a couple who  chose to adopt  older dogs.

Don't forget about the older ones. You can see from the video above they still have a lot of love to give. Most times they are already housebroke, and you won't have to go through the "chewing and potty training" stage. 

As you can see most shelters has cats of all colors and ages. It is a medically proven fact that pets are good for you, they even help lower blood pressure and stress.

October is adopt a shelter dog month, but it doesn't have to stop there. Thousands of animals are sitting in a shelter now, just waiting for a family. Sadly, some of these are kill shelters, so they will only have a few days before they are euthanized. So please, consider adoption at your local shelter.
If you are in the south central Kentucky or northern Tenessee area consider going to the Logan County Humane Society. Their info is below.

1230 Morgantown Road

Russellville KY 42276 

Office: 270.726.2186

Fax:    270.726.2778

Open Mon., Wed., Thurs. & Sat


You can also find them on 

Halloween eye safety tips

See and be seen on Halloween!  Eye Safety Tips for you and 

your goblins: 
  • Avoid masks or costumes that obscure vision 
  • When using makeup, remember to: 
    • Use only products approved for use on the skin 
    • Keep products away from the eyes 
    • Use care in removing the product to avoid getting any in the eyes
  • Wear reflective clothing or attach reflective tape to costumes and Trick or Treat Bags
  • Carry a flashlight. Note: The 'glow sticks' that are sold at Halloween are filled with a chemical that can cause eye irritation and they really don't illuminate that well.
  • Tie hats and scarves on securely to make certain they don't slip over the eyes and obstruct vision.

A Word About Decorative and 'Circle' Contact Lenses:There 

are decorative contact lenses that feature wild designs and so-

called 'Circle Lenses' that make the eye appear larger. While 

generally safe if prescribed by and worn under the supervision

 of an eye doctor, these decorative lenses can cause serious 

eye problems if worn improperly. Remember: Contact lenses - 

whether decorative or not - are medical devices that must be

 prescribed by an eye doctor. Do not buy lenses from Flea 

Markets, Beauty Shops or online. Do not share lenses with 

anyone. Wear the lenses only for the time prescribed by your 

eye doctor. 

These great tips are from:

Barrow Eye Center, PLC

709 East Fourth St.
(270) 725-8382


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