Thursday, December 19, 2013

Southern Hoe Cakes

Southern Hoe Cakes

1/4 cup of self rising flour
1 3/4  cup of cornmeal ( I like to use the buttermilk variety but you can use any, just make sure it is white and not the yellow kind)
2 eggs
1 cup + 2 Tablespoons of milk or water. (You want it good and moist but not runny, you want to bee able to spoon it up on a spoon and it stay there and not run off.)

1 tablespoon of oil, for frying, 


In a medium bowl, mix  together all the ingredients.
Heat oil in a cast iron skillet over medium heat. Drop batter by Tablespoons into the hot skillet to form small medallions. You can make them as small or as large as you want.

Fry until brown, the side up toward you will start to bubble, turn and brown the other side. 

Country Girl's fried taters recipe.

Country Girl's fried taters recipe.

1.  Peel and wash potatoes.
2.  You can do this 2 ways, either dice potatoes or slice then across.

3. Put enough oil in the bottom of skillet to cover bottom of skillet well. A cast iron skillet that is good and  
    seasoned really works well.
4. Heat oil over medium heat until hot.

5. Carefully put in the potatoes,cover with a lid and stir occasionally. If you like onions you can also adds
    some onions.

    Fry for about 10 minutes covered then remove lid and fry until browned a little.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Question of the week- Who buys Christmas gifts for their pets?


This is "Pooh" we lost him 8 yrs. ago due to heart failure. This was one of his Christmases, he got the bear you see in the picture. We used to wrap all their gifts, now I just put them in a stocking. What do you do for your pets on Christmas? 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kids bored waiting for Christmas?

School break and the kids are bored? I found a wonderful page that has printables, find the hidden objects, bookmarks to print and color,Christmas coloring pages, How to draw pages, Christmas stationary, Kwanzaa coloring pages, and so much more!
The index of all the goodies they have are down the left side of the page.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

My favorite cleaner to use in bathroom, kitchen and to mop in.

I absolutely love Simple Green. I use it everywhere and I also mop in it. When I mop,  people  want to know what I used. It smells that good. You can get 2 scents, Sassafras & lemon. You can get the 
pump, shown above at most any store.

 I like to buy it by the gallon 
at TSC. It will run around $13.00. It is concentrated so  it makes a lot of these bottles.
You can also order trial kits and other kits directly from their website.
Try it, you won't be disappointed. As it is also a degreaser, you can also use it in the laundry.
I also like that it is  It's non-toxic and biodegradable, without harmful bleach. 

To find out more about them:
Go to their website.

And you can also find them on:

Friday, December 6, 2013

What is a cookie swap? I will give you the answer along with some recipes.

What is a cookie swap?
It's a fun alternative to your traditional Christmas party. Here is how it goes.
Each guest brings her favorite cookies, (enough to go around and for each person to take home some, a good rule of thumb is 1 dozen cookies per person attending) and also the recipe in case someone wants a copy. You get to sample everyone's cookies. Sounds like my kind of party especially if there is chocolate in the room!
Below you will find some recipes and printable to get your very own cookie swap off the ground.

First off... you need to send out invitations, below are some I found you can use.

Invitation template 3 also envelopes.

Several here to choose from,
even more here.

Next..... choose your recipe, here are some to get you started.

Don't forget!....Make little name cards so everyone will know what kind of cookie each plate has, when they RSVP they will tell you the cookie they are going to bring.

plate card template 1
plate card template 2

You may also need name tags:

Recipe cards templates for copying the recipes:

How about a little competition?
Ballets to vote for the best cookies!

Don't forget ribbons for the winners!
They can be found here.

You can also have some take home containers or baggies in case there are leftovers to take home. Or step up a notch and have gift boxes, wrapping paper and ribbons to wrap gifts for people or even better shut ins.

Below are some people who have been kind enough to share a complete cookie swap party printable package with everything you need.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cookie dough you can make into whatever cookie you would like.

With this basic dough you can make several different cookies. Chocolate chip or the flavor of chip you want, M & M cookies, sugar cookies, or just experiment with raisins, oatmeal etc. I am going to give the chocolate chip and sugar cookies directions below as that is what I just made and all I have pictures of. :)

2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1 cup (2 sticks) butter melted
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
(if you have never dealt with a recipe that calls for packed brown sugar, it means just that,  keep packing down the sugar till you can't get any more in.)
2 eggs beaten
2 tsp. vanilla extract
 sugar sprinkles, chocolate chips or M & M's whatever you wish to use.

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2. Mix flour, baking soda, and salt. Set aside
3. Melt butter, 1 stick at a time in a coffee cup for 30 seconds.
4. Put sugars and butter in a different bowl from the dry mixture and beat by hand till mixed good.
5. Add eggs and vanilla. Beat well.

O.K. if you are doing sugar cookies, start spooning out on an un-greased cookie sheet. You use a tsp. or tablespoon depending on the size of cookie you want. I use a tablespoon and fill it half full as shown in the picture above and this recipe will make 42 medium cookies. When you spoon it out flatten it a little but only if you are doing sugar cookies. Sprinkle with sugar, bake and then sprinkle again with sugar.

6. For chocolate chip or M & M cookies, add a bag of whatever chips/M&M's you want and stir. Make sure you scrape sides and bottom good or you will have cookies with no chips.

7. Drop by spoonfuls, 1 1/2 inches apart.

8. Bake for 8 minutes.
9. Let stand for a minute or so. This step very important.Do not leave on cookie sheet. It will make your cookies hard and brittle. Remove from cookie sheet and put on cookie rack until cool.

Transfer cookies to a sealed plastic container. Put a paper towel between the layer of cookies to keep them from sticking together.
Hope you enjoy, drop me a line and let me know how you liked them and which flavor you fixed.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do you like free stuff to try? Do you like to give your opinion on a product? Swaggable is for you!

What is Swaggable you ask? It is a site that will send you a sample. In return you try it out and then share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Share what you liked about it, or didn't like. You can be totally honest. Sometimes you also get coupons on the item. They send it right to your door. You are required to log onto your Swaggable account and rate it 1-5 stars. And share your feelings about the product. Here again either good or bad. they want an honest review.
Who doesn't love to try free samples and share with your friends? I have found a lot of products that I liked that I didn't even know existed. I have yet to find one I didn't care for.
You can also find me on Swaggable. The link is below.
Hurry go and sign up so you can start getting free stuff!

Monday, November 4, 2013


What a great month we have ahead of us. We are looking forward to some great football games, cooler weather coming in, the leaves turning into the fall colors that we all love so much. Wow, what a great time of the year. Thanksgiving is almost upon us and that means Christmas is right around the corner. We hope that all your plans for Thanksgiving have been set in place and that you will surround yourself with friends and family. We all have so much to be thankful for, no matter what your situation is in life there is always a reason to be thankful for what we do have. If you are traveling this year, take the time and precautions to make sure you arrive at your destination safely

Special days in November

Nov. 1st All Saint’s Day, National Author’s Day, World Vegetation 


Nov. 2nd National Deviled Eggs Day, Cookie Monster’s Birthday, 

Culture Day

Nov. 3rd Sandwich Day, Housewife's Day

Nov. 4th National Candy Day, Use Your Common Sense Day

Nov. 5th National Donut Day

Nov. 6th Basketball day, Saxaphone Day, Marooned withouth a 

Compass Day

Nov. 8th X-ray Day

Nov. 9th Parade Day

Nov. 10th Area Code Day, Forget-Me-Not Day. 

Nov. 11th. Veteran’s Day

Nov. 12th Domino Day

Nov. 13th Mom’s and Dad’s Day.

Nov. 14th National Clean out Your Refrigerator Day. Be bald and 

be free.

Nov. 15th America Recycles Day, Pack your Mom Lunch Day, I 

Love to Write Day

Nov. 16th Button Day

Nov. 17th Homemade Bread Day, National Young Reader’s Day, 

World Peace Day

Nov. 18th Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

Nov. 19th World Toilet Day.

Nov. 20th Name Your PC Day, Absurdity Day

Nov. 21st World Hello Day

Nov. 22nd Go for a Ride Day

Nov. 23rd National Cashew Day, Welcome Day

Nov. 24th Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day.

Nov. 25th Thanksgiving, 

Nov. 26th National Cake Day

Nov. 27th Pins and Needles Day, National Day of Listening

Nov 29th Square Dance Day

Nov 30th

Birthdays in October

Nov 2nd James Knox Polk, Warren Gamaliel Harding Fomer US 

Presidents Stefanie Powers, K.D. Lang

Nov 3rd Charles Bronson, Kate Capshaw.

Nov. 4th Art Carney, Loretta Swit, Sean Puff Daddy Combs

Nov 5th Art Garfunkle, Tatm O Niel

Nov. 6th Sally Field

Nov.7th Billy Graham, Joni Mitchell

Nov. 8th Morley Safer, Mary Hart

Nov.9th Hedy Lamarr, Lou Ferrigno

Nov 11th Demi Moore, Calista Flockhart.

Nov.12th Sammy Sosa

Nov 14th Veronica Lake

Nov. 15th Ed Asner, Petula Clark

Nov. 16th Lisa Bonet

Nov.17th Gordan Lightfoot, Tom Seaver

Nov 18th Linda Evans 

Nov 19th Dick Cavett, Ted Turner

Nov 20st Dick Smothers, Veronica Hamel

Nov. 21st Marlo Thomas, Goldie Hawn, Troy Aikman.

Nov. 22nd Billie Jean King, Jamie Lee Curtis 

Nov 25th Amy Grant, Jill Hennesy

Nov, 26th Tina Turner

Nov 27th Caroline Kennedy

Nov. 30th Ben Stiller

Fall is a great time of the year, a time of the year 

when we are looking forward to being with family at 

Thanksgiving time. 

 Reproduced with permission from www.everyday-wisdom.com .
All contents Copyright (c)2005 www.everyday-wisdom.com except where indicated otherwise. All right reserved worldwide. **Duplication or reprints only with express permission or approved Credits (see above). All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Having A Shelter Dog Is Good For The Soul! #MeetMyShelterPet

I was contacted by One2One Network about joining in their new #MeetMyShelter campaign and National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Everyone who knows me, knows that my pets are a part of my family. Skipper, pictured above, was one of many rescue dogs, cats and horses that have came into our lives and left paw/hoof prints on our hearts. He was such a love, nobody wanted him because his front legs has slipped knee caps and he was bow legged in the front. They missed out on such a charmer. I am so blessed he came into our lives. Sadly, he died a couple of years ago of heart failure. I miss him every day.

There are so many pets that people give up at the shelters. Most have no problems at all. The owner simply didn't want them.
I worked with the Logan County Humane Society for many years as a transport coordinator. We worked so hard getting these babies out as at that time,the shelter was a kill shelter.
Please first of all, make sure you have the time and energy for a pet. If you do, please, please consider adoption. Give these babies a chance. I can tell you by my own experiences you won't be sorry. To me it seems they have to come , each day,  in their own special way, and thank you for bringing them home.
I have noticed this not only in the dogs and cats but also in the horses. They are so grateful to you.

Meet Mark & Mary Ann Behme, a couple who  chose to adopt  older dogs.

Don't forget about the older ones. You can see from the video above they still have a lot of love to give. Most times they are already housebroke, and you won't have to go through the "chewing and potty training" stage. 

As you can see most shelters has cats of all colors and ages. It is a medically proven fact that pets are good for you, they even help lower blood pressure and stress.

October is adopt a shelter dog month, but it doesn't have to stop there. Thousands of animals are sitting in a shelter now, just waiting for a family. Sadly, some of these are kill shelters, so they will only have a few days before they are euthanized. So please, consider adoption at your local shelter.
If you are in the south central Kentucky or northern Tenessee area consider going to the Logan County Humane Society. Their info is below.

1230 Morgantown Road

Russellville KY 42276 

Office: 270.726.2186

Fax:    270.726.2778

Open Mon., Wed., Thurs. & Sat


You can also find them on 

Halloween eye safety tips

See and be seen on Halloween!  Eye Safety Tips for you and 

your goblins: 
  • Avoid masks or costumes that obscure vision 
  • When using makeup, remember to: 
    • Use only products approved for use on the skin 
    • Keep products away from the eyes 
    • Use care in removing the product to avoid getting any in the eyes
  • Wear reflective clothing or attach reflective tape to costumes and Trick or Treat Bags
  • Carry a flashlight. Note: The 'glow sticks' that are sold at Halloween are filled with a chemical that can cause eye irritation and they really don't illuminate that well.
  • Tie hats and scarves on securely to make certain they don't slip over the eyes and obstruct vision.

A Word About Decorative and 'Circle' Contact Lenses:There 

are decorative contact lenses that feature wild designs and so-

called 'Circle Lenses' that make the eye appear larger. While 

generally safe if prescribed by and worn under the supervision

 of an eye doctor, these decorative lenses can cause serious 

eye problems if worn improperly. Remember: Contact lenses - 

whether decorative or not - are medical devices that must be

 prescribed by an eye doctor. Do not buy lenses from Flea 

Markets, Beauty Shops or online. Do not share lenses with 

anyone. Wear the lenses only for the time prescribed by your 

eye doctor. 

These great tips are from:

Barrow Eye Center, PLC

709 East Fourth St.
(270) 725-8382


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More coupon links

New link added to our other coupons to print page-labels for education
New link to our print other company coupons-Campbell's Kitchens coupons

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Printable Recipe Card Rescources

Below are some great links to kitchen printables, from recipe cards to whole recipe binders. Enjoy!

1. Over at Pinch A Little And Save A Lot, She has a Recipe Binders & Magnetic Menu Planner. 

2. Tater Tots And Jello has printable 3X5 dividers for your recipe box.

3. Gooseberry Patch has harvest themed recipe cards.

4. Jader Bomb Dye to DIY has cute mason jar themed lined paper you could use for recipes.

5. Tipnut has a huge list of 50 pages to print recipe cards.

6. Evelyn Kate Designs has 4 color choices for you.

7. Yesterday On Tuesday has several designs for you to choose from.

8. Floating Lemons also have some.

9.  Family Shopping Bag.com has fancy, holiday, cartoons and much more.

10. Love Some has some with a unique design.

11. http://www.mygrafico.com has a colorful design for you.

12. Tip Junkie has a food design for you.

13. Clementine Creative has a punch bowl design.

14. Lady Denise has a chef design.

15. Free Printables On Line has a cute coke can design

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coupons and more coupons!

Better sit a spell these will take awhile to cut out!

262 Coupons Available Today

CommonKindness  84 Coupons

CouponNetwork - 60 Coupons
SmartSource - 69 Coupons
 RedPlum - 49Coupons

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Support our troops-send them your expired coupons


You can send your expired coupons to military families overseas.
Military families can use expired coupons for up to six months after expiration date.

Send them A.S.A.P. Remember that it takes a while for them to get them.They can only use them for 6 months past the expiration date so we need to get it to them as soon as we can.
Postage is the same as mailing in the U.S. as long as it is going to an APO/FPO address.

Send ONLY manufacturers coupons that you find in your newspaper..

Please separate "Non-Food" and "Food" in baggies.

Please address your package EXACTLY how it is written on the site. The postal service MUST have the address this way, just like you receiving a letter to your home! Do not include the country or the base camp's city, as it might be routed through the host country's mail system

For addresses go here.
Before you pick out a base

Please read the adoption page first.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

25 Mac & Cheese Recipes by Gooseberry Patch

Free User Manuals and Owners Guides | ManualsOnline.com

Are you tired of needing a user manual and either can't find it or have lost it?
Not to worry anymore. You can search for over 300,00 manuals here.

Tired of Google looking over your shoulder?

Use ixquick the only totally private internet search.
Just bookmark and use any time you need to do a search. There is an add to my browser option and also a set as my homepage option.

What Firefighters Want Families to Know - Daily Parent

7 Teething Remedies for Babies - Daily Parent

Is your area at risk for cold and flu?


has a great page that tells you what the risk for cold and flu is in your area.

It's called Achoo and you can see it here.  If you follow it all the way to the end there is a $.50 coupon.

freezing mashed potatoes

You can freeze mashed potatoes? No more throwing away potatoes if you fixed too many. Just spoon them in a muffin pan, when froze transfer to a freezer bag. You have individual portions you can thaw out in the microwave.

Friday, October 4, 2013

8 Suspicious Links to Avoid | The Social Media Panel

8 Suspicious Links to Avoid | The Social Media Panel

365 Ways To Save: Don't Let The Size Fool You

Local pumpkin patches


Pumpkin Patches: 
(You may want to call or e-mail and make sure they are doing it again this year)

Amazing Acres - pumpkins, pumpkin patch- already gathered from the field, tractor-pulled hay rides, gift shop, restrooms, picnic area, petting zoo, farm animals, birthday parties, school tours
3445 Deason Lane, Hopkinsville, KY 42240. Phone: 270-881-2445. Email: natalieallison@yahoo.com. Directions: From Pennyrile Pky Exit 12 (Hopkinsville), turn East onto Hwy 1682 go to end of the road (about 1 mile)-- Turn Left onto Hwy 107, Greenville Rd go 2 miles -- turn Right onto Deason Ln; 1 Mile turn right into the 3rd driveway marked "ENTRANCE"-- Pull up to the red picnic pavilion for parking instructions Open: by appointment Please call first No DROP INS Payment: Cash, Check. Our farm has pet-able KY wildlife

Christian Way Farm - pumpkin patch-pick in the field, corn maze, straw or hay bale maze, child-sized haybale maze, tractor-pulled hay rides, gift shop, restrooms, picnic area, farm animals, school tours
19590 Linville Rd, Hopkinsville, KY 42240. Phone: 270-269-2434. Fax: 270-269-8100. Email: christianwayfarm@aol.com. Directions: From Hopkinsville travel 13 miles on Highway 107 to left on Highway 800. Follow signs for 1.7 miles to Linville Road. Left on Linville. Right into farm driveway. And for a map to our farm, click here. Crops are usually available in July, August, September, October. Open: April thru July for Spring/Summer scheduled farm tours. September thru October for scheduled weekday farm tours. Open Saturdays September and October to the public from 10 am to 5 pm. Payment: Cash, Check. Spring tours emphasize teaching visitors about how farmers grow our food. Theme rotates each each.  

The Country Barn - pumpkins.
112 Britmart Road, Elkton, KY, 42240. Phone: (270) 885-4843. Open: Apr-Oct: Monday to Fri, 8:30 am to 6pm; Sat, 8:30 am to 4pm; Closed Sun. Directions: From Hopkinsville, take US 68 east approximately 10 miles and turn right at Fairview, Rd 1801, 300 yards on left. From Elkton or Bowling Green, take US 68 west to Fairview and turn left on Rd 1801, 300 yards on left. In Fairview, approximately 500 yds north of Jefferson Davis Monument and the KY State Park's picnic area and playground.

Lovell's Orchard (and pumpkin patch) - Uses natural growing practices, pumpkins, Pick-your-own apples, pumpkins for sale in the shop or farmstand, pumpkin patch- already gathered from the field, Fall festival, child-sized haybale maze, Honey from hives on the farm, Fresh eggs, Cider mill (fresh apple cider made on the premises), porta-potties
22850 Coal Creek Road, Hopkinsville, KY 42240. Phone: 270-269-2242. Alternate Phone: 270-608-5781. Email: lovellsorchard@yahoo.com. Open: Please call for current hours: (270)269 am to 2242. Directions: Click here for a map and directions. We use natural practices, but are not seeking organic certification. Payment: Cash, Check. Click here for our Facebook page

01 09 10